A story which is closely linked to the charisma of its founder, Enzo Ferrari, a fan of engines and speed.

After having been an Alfa Romeo pilot since 1933, Enzo Ferrari started to create his own race cars, characterized by the Prancing Horse, the symbol painted by aviator Francesco Baracca on his plane. Baracca’s parents allowed Enzo Ferrari to use the Prancing Horse as a good luck charm; he personalized it by adding a yellow backdrop – yellow being the color of the city of Modena.

A story of success and victories that, starting from 1947 – when the Ferrari 125 Sport won the Rome Grand Prix – brought Ferrari to the fore as a lifestyle icon in the market of luxury sports cars.

Ferrari now symbolizes passion, excellence and performance.

The same values that can be found today in the fragrances launched by the brand: two ranges, Scuderia Ferrari and Ferrari Cavallino, featuring a modern, passionate character which recalls the emotions and dreams aroused by the legendary Prancing Horse brand.