La Volée EdT

SKU: STA10292811
Content: 30ml
Product information

A feminine fragrance for young women looking for a fragrance to match their sporty yet elegant style. An elegant, energizing, feminine fragrance that embodies Italian style and sporty sophistication. Following on from the successful release of our latest men’s fragrance—Smash—Sergio Tacchini is launching its female counterpart which also draws its inspiration from the tennis world.

Like Smash, La Volée comes in a unique, easy-to-hold spherical bottle inspired by the pure lines of a tennis ball. The bold Tacchini logo is molded into the silver cap, for a refined look. As the feminine take on Smash, La Volée’s bottle features a delicate pale coral hue that echoes Smash’s masculine Mediterranean blue. 

La Volée is a delightful woody floral fragrance with a musky base note. The top note exudes energy and drive with red currant, sweetened by the exotic scent of litchi. The heart features classic feminine flowers magnolia and rose, bringing elegance and timelessness to the fragrance. Finally, the rich dry down evokes luxuriant Italian style with ambrox, patchouli and musk. La Volée is the perfect choice for young, modern women looking for a fragrance to match their sporty yet elegant style. With La Volée, every day is a new match.

Top notes: Red currant, litchi.
Heart notes: Magnolia, rose.
Base notes: Ambrox, patchouli, musk.

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