Burning Ice Man EdT

SKU: ICE10040647
Content: 50ml
Product information

The initial impact simulates a dive into icy waters where senses feel the thrill of pungent fruity Bergamot Sorbet and Frozen Apple with a spicy touch of Cardamom. The heart introduces a gentle mix of contrasting scents: Muscatel Sage and Patchouli, warm sensual Molten Amber, Musk and Vanilla Cashmere. All for a dry down as soft and rich as the top notes were sharp and strong.

A lustrous cube, pure and powerful. A cool elegant shape with shimmering kaleidoscopic glints. Beyond the ice blue exterior, a glimpse of sharp edges. Offsetting the bottle’s geometric perfection is the minimalist cylindrical cap in matte-finish silver. Cube versus cylinder, corners versus curves, glass versus metal. What defines the object is this fine sense of contrast.

Top notes: Bergamot sorbet, frozen apple, cardamom.
Middle notes: Patchouli, clary sage, sea cliff accord.
Base notes: Amber, wrapping musks, cachmere vanilla.