La Belle et l’Ocelot EdT

SKU: 860003
Content: 100ml
Product information

The original and made-to-measure bottle is shaped in transparent and satinated glass. It is dressed with an elegant faceted cap. This new architectural bottle is finely designed. The two frosted faces are engraved with a Dalinian feline, walking in a swaying way, following its instinct which will drive it to the Beauty. The other parts of the bottle are transparent with a Dali silver signature on the right side. The silver Ocelot is embossed on the silver pack. It is silhouetted against a golden rose territory. The luminous bottle fascinates through its elegance and its movement.

La Belle et l’Ocelot unveils a radiant Eau de Toilette, delivering a refined and happy sensuality. A captivating fragrance, signature of a new declaration of femininity. La Belle et l’Ocelot sets our deepest instincts at liberty.

Vitality and freshness burst out in the top with fruity notes and a hint of citrus. This modern facet leads to a delicate heart, a harmonious white flowers bouquet. Softness and warmth mark the final touch of this joyful and radiant fragrance.