Organic Carbonised Bamboo Exfoliating Gloves

Product information

These unique gloves from Hydrea London may look like ordinary shower gloves, but they are in fact made with a new natural technology that will amaze you with the remarkable health & beauty benefits:

*Releases health giving Anions which helps discharge the body of positive ions we receive from the electronic devices of modern day life

*Releases far Infrared waves which help energises the body and metabolism and regulate body temperature.

*The perfect exfoliating texture washes away dead surface cells while boosting circulation and encouraging skin cell rejuvenation for silky smooth & radiant skin

*Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and breathable ensuring these gloves are odour and mildew resistant

*Strong and long lasting gloves, the positive properties are permanent no matter how many times you use them!

*Bamboo is eco-friendly and organically grown resource so you can pamper yourself with a clear conscience!

The benefits of using the bamboo: naturally anti fungal, anti static, odour and mould resistant, temperature regulating, super soft, super absorbent, breathable, lightweight, strong & durable, luxurious sheen, organically grown, eco-friendly and sustainable.

Bamboo thrives naturally in many regions of the world. It grows organically without the need for chemicals due to its naturally pest resistant qualities. Bamboo is a fast growing grass, which produces more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide than an equivalent stand of trees, making it an excellent sustainable and eco-friendly resource. When harvested the extensive root system is left intact allowing for rapid self- regeneration while helping to prevent soil erosion. 

Bamboo is 100% biodegradable.