Organic Sisal Exfoliating Body Strap

Product information

Made from 100% natural sisal fibre, this strap is perfect for smoothing and cleansing the skin of impurities. The eco-friendly FSC® certified wooden handles make this ideal for those hard to reach areas.

What is Sisal? Sisal comes from the Agave Cactus which yields a stiff, durable, non-static fibre which is then woven into bodycare mitts or used to fill brushes. It is the perfect natural fibre for exfoliation to improve skin tone and condition. It is a sustainable resource and produced with minimal environmental impact as no chemical fertilizers are used, weeding is done by hand and manufacture is done mechanically. Sisal is also valuable forage for honey bees because of its long flowering period.

Woven Sisal. This is a high quality range of cleansers and exfoliators made in Europe. The hard textured sisal is perfect for buffing away dead skin cells while boosting circulation and flushing away toxins trapped in the skin layer. The reverse side is backed with soft terry cotton for a deep cleansing massage. With regular use of any of the products in this range discover silky smooth skin and an improvement in your skin tone and general well being.