The Big Natty Lock Up

SKU: MN692
Product information

1 x UPF Moisturiser
1 x Mr Natty Shampoo
1 x Shipwreck Shower Wash 250ml
1 x Wash Bag

Mr Natty has always found it handy to have a lock-up (we think there’s one in Battersea still, better check on that, not sure what’s in it). We know what’s in this one: three everyday go-to-bits of Natty kit to set you up right. Our classic Shipwreck Shower Wash with its warm, woody scent. Our fresh Rosemary and Cypress Shampoo to reinvigorate your barnet. Our ever-so-clever moisturiser with UPF. That’s Urban Protection Factor to combat damaging pollutants.