Beautiful Brows Brow Pencil-Light Brown

Artikelnummer: MEB50965
Innehåll: 1g

Big brows are most definitely back! Beautiful brows features a soft glide, intense colour pencil for giving the brow that desired thicker, fuller effect. The opposite end of the pencil features a grooming wand designed to shape and groom the brows to achieve stand out brows! 

No MeMeMe products are tested on animals. Use the pencil to add depth to the brow. Firstly, draw around the outside of the brow, making sure there’s no pencil outside of where the natural hair sits to avoid an un-natural look. With light pressure, shade in the brow to achieve a fuller effect. Once you’ve achieved your desired colour-depth, use the grooming tool to brush the hairs into place, leaving the brow looking thick, full and groomed!